Dimello is excited to be attending this year's Istanbul Coffee Festival (ICF), one of Europe's largest coffee festivals, which will kick off its sixth year later this month at KüçükÇiftlik Park in the Maçka/Harbiye neighborhood in Sişli district.

The event, Sept. 19-22, takes visitors on coffee’s historical journey through time with information, activities and samples of past and president-day delicacies based on the feelings and living spaces created by coffee.

Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy an ultimate coffee tasting experience and discover the espresso & cappuccino freddo as well as modern applications in hot espresso drinks with Dimello Cento, 100% Arabica and Single Origin Coffees.

Exhibition Center: KüçükÇiftlik Park, Maçka/Harbiye neighborhood in Sişli district

Participation in booth CS20

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