Cold Brew

Method Info

Cold brewing is the process of steeping coffee grounds in water at cool temperatures for an extended period of time.

Coffee, Equipment and Recipe

Coarse Grind
V60 Coffee dripper
A cold brew coffee dripper
Burr coffee grinder
Glass (250-300 ml)
90g coffee / 1 litre of water


Step 1

Insert the permanent filter at the bottom of the middle glass beaker.

Cold Brew Dimello
Step 2

Add the desired amount of ground coffee into the middle glass beaker.

Cold Brew Dimello
Step 3

Fill the top glass beaker with water (ice is optional), at room temperature.

Cold Brew Dimello
Step 4

Adjust the drip rate to 40 drops per minute. Monitor and readjust if necessary.

Cold Brew Dimello
Step 5

Wait until the extraction is complete (about 6 hours). Dilute with water for a lighter taste (optional).

Cold Brew Dimello
Step 6

Serve the coffee in an old fashion glass with ice.

Cold Brew Dimello