Method Info

Espresso is the only method that makes coffee with a pressure pump.
When making coffee with an espresso machine, the water temperature is kept below the boiling level, which prevents coffee from burning.
Lungo or ristretto, espresso is the king of coffee

Coffee, Equipment and Recipe

Fine Grind
Burr Coffee Grinder
Precision scale
Espresso machine
Milk pitcher
Cup (~170 ml)
17-19 grams (or dose according to your filter basket size)
Extraction Ratio


Step 1

Grind 17-19 grams of coffee in the filter basket (or dose according to your filter basket size).

Espresso Dimello Coffee
Step 2

Distribute the coffee equally in the filter basket and then tamp, just enough to seal the coffee in. The goal is a compact, smooth, level surface.

Espresso Dimello Coffee
Step 3

Position the portafilter in the grouphead and start the extraction immediately.

Espresso Dimello Coffee
Step 4

Extraction completion ~ 25-30’’. If not, adjust the grind size.

Espresso Dimello Coffee
Step 5

Serve the coffee.

Espresso Dimello Coffee