VELLUTO LUNGO | 10 Capsules

VELLUTO LUNGO | 10 Capsules

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"Lungo: Italian word that means long espresso. Velluto: Italian word for velvet or… for the soſt and mild side of coffee. Velluto Lungo is a vibrant blend with mild aſtertaste. It owes its complex aromas to the Arabica beans from Sidama Ethiopia, while its mild fruity taste comes from Central America Arabica beans. Enjoy it as an Espresso Lungo. It's ideal for Freddo preparation.

Characteristics: Selected Arabica and Robusta varieties from Central America and Ethiopia. Enjoy fruity taste, fine aromas and mild body.

Intensity: 6

10 capsules with roasted, ground coffee, packaged in a protective atmosphere.

Compatible capsules with Nespresso®* home use machines. *Trademark owned by a third party not associated with KafeaTerra S.A."