RISTRETTO | 10 Capsules

RISTRETTO | 10 Capsules

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Classic Italian blend with intensity, full body, spicy aromas and dark chocolate aſtertaste. From Brazil, the largest coffee producing country, we chose the Arabica variety with intensity, strong body, dark chocolate and nutty aſtertaste. We combined it with two selected Robusta varieties from India for their characteristic spicy aromas. Enjoy it as a small drink, in a small cup, like classic Italian Espresso Ristretto is meant to be enjoyed. Also suitable for Freddo preparation.

Characteristics: Strong blend Arabica from Brazil and Robusta from India. Discover potent taste, full body and intense aftertaste.

Intensity: 10

10 capsules with roasted, ground coffee, packaged in a protective atmosphere.

Compatible capsules with Nespresso®* home use machines. *Trademark owned by a third party not associated with KafeaTerra S.A.