ALLEGRO | 10 Capsules

ALLEGRO | 10 Capsules

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Exceptionally tasty blend with full body, fruity aromas and strong aſtertaste. The aromas of Ethiopia coffee, combined with the fruity intensity of coffee from tropical Colombia and select Arabica varieties from Honduras, create the Allegro blend. It is that combination that gives Allegro its sparkle and uniqueness. Enjoy it as an Espresso It's ideal for cappuccino and Freddo preparation.

Characteristics: Exquisite Arabica varieties from Central America and Africa. Vivid taste, fresh aromas and full body.

Intensity: 7

10 capsules with roasted, ground coffee, packaged in a protective atmosphere.

Compatible capsules with Nespresso®* home use machines. *Trademark owned by a third party not associated with KafeaTerra S.A."